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“McMahon & Associates, LLC was engaged to assist us in assessing our plan to develop senior living facilities in new geographic markets. Pat McMahon served as the independent adviser in reviewing and/or in suggesting modifications to market feasibility studies, financial assumptions and projections, legal structures, developer proposals, development agreements, lease agreements, guaranty agreements, and construction agreements among other matters related to expansion and development. In his engagement, Pat provided experience, education (particularly for the younger senior management members), and excellent recommendations which manifest in solid business and legal structures, benefitting us both initially and into the long-term future. Pat’s expertise in business strategy and finance was very valuable. With his knowledge and experience, he can and would certainly provide an organization’s Board and/or Management with an outstanding view and specific advice on a strategic, business, or project-based level.”

-President & Chief Executive Officer of Senior Living Community

“McMahon & Associates, LLC was engaged to assist our Board of Directors and Senior Management team in developing our Museum's long-range Strategic Plan. Pat McMahon and his Partner Liz Pruitt developed and directed our planning process which included: Mission Statement; Vision Statement; SWOT Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; strategies; tactics; timetable; and, individual assignments. Utilizing Pat's and Liz's experience and expertise, we successfully developed our Strategic Plan which is inspiring and ambitious, yet entirely achievable, and we are now implementing the Plan. We would highly recommend McMahon & Associates, LLC for assisting other companies and organizations with their strategic business planning needs."

-Board Chair and Executive Director of Art & History Museum

“This is the first CFO position of my career. Because I am a new CFO, our Company engaged Pat McMahon to serve as my executive coach for a period of time. Pat’s process was very comprehensive and results oriented. He began with assessing my strengths and opportunities for growth by interviewing supervisors, peers, staff and me. From this assessment he and I jointly developed a specific action plan for my development which is linked directly to the overall strategic initiatives of the Company. In this way, everything that I am doing to personally enhance my executive skills also contributes to achieving the goals of our Company. We meet biweekly to review the status of action plans and to make modifications to the plan when appropriate. I am very pleased with Pat’s executive coaching approach and the successful results for me and our Company, and I highly recommend him to other companies that might be considering executive coaching services.”

-Chief Financial Officer of Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

“Our company engaged McMahon & Associates, LLC to assist in developing and executing on a comprehensive market entry strategy that engaged providers, health plans, and health systems. McMahon & Associates, LLC has long standing relationships across a wide network within the health care community from providers to senior executives. Without the deep market knowledge, strong relationships and reputation of Pat McMahon it would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, to have made the progress we did in such an expedited time frame in the Ohio market. Based on our experience, I highly recommend Pat and his associates as valuable partners when collaborating with hospitals, providers, and/or payers.”

-Senior Director of Major Provider of Surgery Centers in the United States

“Poor and deteriorating operating performance conditions emanating from managed care and from increased competition at our Children’s Hospital necessitated change.  As the CFO, I engaged McMahon & Associates, LLC to identify opportunities to restrain cost increases or to reduce costs as revenue enhancement opportunities at that time were limited.  Pat McMahon and his team reviewed vendor contracts and invoices and provided recommended practical solutions to reduce costs in materials management, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, information systems and medical records.  Their services were comprehensive and completed on a timely basis.  I definitely recommend McMahon & Associates, LLC to assist organizations which could benefit from revenue enhancement and cost containment.”

-​​Chief Financial Officer of Major Children’s Hospital System

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